Search Engines

May 29, 2021

This is going to be a long post.


Search seemed like a solved problem not so long ago.

On closer inspection it was never and never will be a solved problem. Search technologies are a living, breathing field of development.

If anything, search is complexifying like everything else.

The world is now going through even faster global transformation. What started 50 years ago with emergence of computing industry is now continuing.

Most aspects of our computing-powered lives will continue changing subtly every day and in ten years we'll live in an entirely new world once again.

Every decade there is a new guiding force that powers the next phase of computing revolution. This time there are two things:

  • distributed / decentralized systems
  • powerful new developments in cryptography

We are just starting.

[To Be Continued and Improved daily or weekly
through Summer of 2021] ...

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